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Tense/over eager playing too early

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Hi all,

My son Ollie played his first U13 game of the season tonight (he's 11). Kept wicket beautifully- which was a relief.

When batting (they bat in pairs for 4 overs) he was solid-6* never looking like he was going to get out against a decent attack. BUT he played and missed a number of balls outside off stump he was trying to cut/drive. The balls were safe to attack, but he miss timed them. I think he was a bit over anxious/excited and played at them too early.
 He does feel/put himself under pressure because of a sense of responsibility to the older boys and not wanting to let the team down, so I think it's as much a mental issue as physical. He has no issues hitting my throw downs in the nets!

Any drills/tips for him to wait for the ball to get to him and play it later?

Talking to yourself while you bat is a great tip I took from a Pietersen masterclass on Sky. I find I struggle outside off when I lead with my hands rather than my head. Worth watching the KP masterclass on "kissing the ball" as he explains it really well.

You may get some differing views as we seem to have a wide range of practising on the forum, some conventional, some unconventional.

I think for this issue a good way of helping is practiceing letting the ball pass by from throw downs in the nets. This helps to know where your off stump is so you can judge. Some closer to off stump and some on off stump so a forward defence can be played.

I found this helps with judgement and confidence and helps get the back foot across and in line for defence and attacking outside off.

Some others will mention the head movement but I think myself the back foot across is needed to help get in line, many others think otherwise.

Take what you feel will best suit your lad and what he is comfortable with from the advice you get.

Thanks for the replies I'll watch the KP video and see if there are any lessons he can adopt. If I glue him to the chair he might sit and watch it with me!

ppccopener I might not have explained things very clearly. His shot selection was fine- anything getting close to off was defended or played with a straight bat. It was when he got a bit of width to "flash" at he was mis timing it. In the nets he is pretty reliable, and it looked to me that he was playing a bit early at them- which I put down to over eagerness/nerves. That said, I'm a non cricketer so it might be a technical issue I am unequipped to deal with.

My contribution to his development now seems to be throwing balls at him as hard as I can for an hour, and buying him kit  :)
I love it!

Outdoors is always a tad slower. It might simply be the fact that at 6*, he hadnít spent enough time on the crease to adjust to the conditions. The lesson would be to watch the ball extra hard and/or delay certain shots till in ... though at that age I donít think there is a point to limiting their range. Just watch the ball extra hard then.


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