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No balls - how to stop them?

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Iíve got a bowler at my club who can be unplayable one week and then in the next game is constantly overstepping and throwing a few full tosses and wides in as well when it really unravels

He doesnít seem to respond to the carrot or the stick. I have tried breaking his run up down entirely and adding in the things that I think will help. This made a difference briefly and he even took a 5 wicket haul in a 1s league game as recently as 2 weeks ago.

On Tuesday we had a t20 cup game and in his one over he took a wicket, bowled a ball that moved so far off the seam I donít think Bradman would have got close enough to nick it, and also went for a total of 17 extras!

Iím at a loss. Any ideas or advice welcome

Break it down even further, get him bowling off a few paces and see if there's inconsistency in the action.

Run up wise, try getting some cones, open space and have him bowl blind. Eyes closed and simulate bowling when it feels right. Very easy for bowlers to kid themselves their run up is correct because they want it to be.

I had a problem with no balls a couple years ago after a spell of not bowling much and changing my action a little. Tried all the usual runup fiddling, didn't make any difference.

What solved it was to forget the runup and focus on where I was taking off. Worked out where I needed to be taking off to land in the right place, then marked that with a cone in nets for a few sessions. In games I'd pace out my takeoff, mark a line, then pace the rest of my run from there. Sorted it very quickly. Don't mark the takeoff point any more, but haven't bowled a no ball since.

OK, thank you all.

I was planning to try the blindfolded run up thing, but finding time with 3+ games a week is difficult.

The two basics I would look at first are how he marks his runs up (is he consistently marking the right distance) and, if he is, whether the overstepping is caused by longer strides or more strides.

From my experience, stuttering in the run up letting to shorter strides is the biggest cause of missing your mark.  Practicing the run up to the point of take off to get the feel of getting consistently in the right place to begin your action can be helpful


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