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No balls - how to stop them?

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this sounds more mental than physical to me, best thing for him will be wickets and overs to build confidence.

if that doesnt work, then break it down bit by bit to build rhythm


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I was planning to try the blindfolded run up thing,

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Would he know which way he's going then?

Are you playing on decent grounds where the run ups are fairly flat, or village like me where there is often a slope.

I often get the end bowling up the hill, so if I measure my run up out to my mark (down the hill) I then I can come up short when I run in (up the hill). Which is the opposite of our skipper (who is a lot quicker than me) he comes charging down the slope and regularly oversteps.

Once he starts overstepping it messes with his rhythm and his head, and then his line and length goes.

Only thing I feel bowling up the sloop is that I need to bawl a bit quicker, down the sloop the opposite. Can't remember to have overstepped for a no ball. And I don't account steps etc. Just how I feel at that moment and one run from the bowling crease towards "my mark". I'm a spinner. But then I've seen spinners over stepping!


I think the suggestion @edge gave is great.

For myself, if I don't feel the foot I take off of is going to land at an adequate distance from the crease, my rhythm completely goes for that delivery, and I end up either pulling away, or bowling the ball about a yard before the crease. Maybe spend some time bowling from that stride prior to take off, let him figure out/get used to that feel distance wise? (Apologies if you've already tried this or I'm not too clear)


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