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Hi all- advice needed.

My son (11) has a weekly session with a batting coach- which is brilliant. However we like to supplement this with 1-2 nets sessions a week for extra practise and to get him out of bed during the summer holidays.

Whilst with his coach he drills proper shots and all is well. With me (non cricketing dad), he quickly starts slogging and trying to hit everything out of the park! Not too much of a problem in itself- but his technique suffers and I doubt we are being that helpful in actually helping him improve.
Are there any fun drills we can do- nothing too technical since I am at the limits of my knowledge with him- that will both keep everything entertaining and also keep him playing "proper" shots.

make things into a game.. bowling him a certain shot.. .. let's say for the extra cover drive... set up some coloured cones and give him runs if he hits the perfect zone.. less runs for slightly too straight or square and no runs for anywhere else.

If he's competitive.. you win points if you can prevent him from doing it ... etc etc

Outside of the technical 1 on 1 stuff...can he not arrange to meet his mates at net?  yes, they might slog from time to to time etc. but its great for building team spirit, having fun which they need as seen to many kids give up by 15 as too drilled plus they invent their own games (one hand one bounce and all that) which in turn do help development....soft hands, reaction time etc.

Thanks for the ideas.

I think the games/challenges is a good idea. He is competitive and will probably react well to that. I bought a sidearm last night- I think he'll enjoy the idea of facing faster balls than I can normally deliver!

I regularly ask if he wants me to invite some of his friends/teamates down for a net. He normally says no. I'm not exactly sure why- I like to think it's because he enjoys spending father/son time! I think part of it is most of the players of his age tend to mess around a bit when they are there as a group, but he want's to train seriously. He does enjoy training with the adults and older boys though.


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