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I am really strong of my back foot but I seek help to advise me on playing forward from my front foot.
I intend to play alot of shots of my back foot so alot of the time if the ball stays low I ofter get bowled

So any advice or drills on how I can play from my front foot?

Thanks Blarney

Is it you're trigger movement which forces you to play off you're back foot. If this is not really the case, the only thing i can really suggest is that you just spend along time in the bowling machine playing off the front foot until you're confident. Hopefully, that should make you play more often of you're front foot, or if this doesn't work the only thing you can really do is just say to you're self, get forward, get forward when the bowler is about to release the ball. Hope this helps!

Get someone to give you some underarm throws at about shin height.  Make sure you step into the shot, and do this drill repetitively (you don't want to stop and start constantly as it interrupts your rhythm).

Hope this helps

Cheers for the help so far!

But Ben, I do say to my self get forward get forward but it doesnt seem to happen.
But in my last 2 games when I have been saying that I have hit 16* in a cup game for my schools 1sts and also 17 for my club 2nd team.
I am strong of my back foot but since im in NI, most wickets seem to be soft so there is not much bounce to go on to the back ffot.
So who knows?

I would also try to lead with your head instead of maybe moving your feet first?  That might help mate.


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