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Danny Flynn New Grille?

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Anyone watching the test match?  After the blow he took in the last match, it looks like Flynn has changed his grill to the Classic one.

Do you think it is a mental thing, a quality problem or just the fact that it is the only grille he can get a hold of?

I'll get some pics of it up A.S.A.P....

I think its a mental/quality decision because first of all it makes sense to change grille's if you have just been hit in the grille and it has flexed inwards and secondly I personally dont think any grille should flex inwards so I think that also made him change.

It is also the only one he could probably get hold of, as it appears to be the same helmet shell.

I'd say its a mental thing, if I took that calibre of blow and my grill didn't offer the protection it should I'd chop and change quicker than a West Indies selector...

i dont think it was the only one available


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