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2013 price list and Kit deals.

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Hi guys

lots of people messaging and emailing recently regarding prices on gear so I thought it best to publish the prices here.

There are the standard RRPs listed, RPC prices and then what is known as grass roots prices for anyone wishing to purchase a job lot of kit (bat, gloves and pads).

I think you will all agree these are extremely competitive considering the premium quality of equipment and the source of the bats.

LE (Run of 50 exclusive bats) RPC 280.00

Custom/Bespoke RRP 380.00
                       RPC 280.00
                       Grass Roots 220.00

MP+1 RRP 320.00
        RPC 220.00
        Grass roots 180.00

MP+2 RRP 270.00
        RPC 190.00
        Grass roots 155.00

MP+3 RRP 220.00
        RPC 165.00
        Grass roots 135.00

Soft goods:

Bombora Gloves (SM, Mens) RRP 75.00
                                      RPC 58.00
                                      Grass roots 48.00

Bombora Pads (SM, Mens) RRP 85.00
                                    RPC 64.00
                                    Grass roots 54.00

Wipeout Gloves (Boys, Youths, Mens) RRP 49.00
                                                   RPC 34.00
                                                   Grass roots 27.00

Wipeout Pads (Boys, Youths, Mens) RRP 49.00
                                                 RPC 34.00
                                                 Grass roots 27.00


Large wheelie bag 49.00
Medium Wheelie Bag 39.00


T- Shirts (coming soon) YS,YL,Mens S-XXL RRP 15.00
                                                          RPC 9.99
                                                          Grass roots 6.00

Other services:
Knocking in / Bat prep service. RRP 40.00
                                          RPC 20.00
                                          Grass roots 15.00

Grass roots deals:
Prices alter with equipment chosen e.g cheaper pad / glove choice.

Custom with bombora softs 322.00 + postage (8.00)
MP+1 with bombora softs 282.00 + postage (8.00)
MP+2 with bombora softs 257.00 + postage (8.00)
MP+3 with bombora softs 237.00 + postage (8.00)

Postage is based on Mainland UK delivery.

Great offers here Liam! I take it that LE is a step above the Custom/Bespoke? 8)


--- Quote from: Chad on March 24, 2013, 04:55:41 PM ---Great offers here Liam! I take it that LE is a step above the Custom/Bespoke? 8)

--- End quote ---

The LEs are limited to 50 and the clefts are the best RP has with regards to performance first and aesthetics as well.

The custom / bespoke is whatever the customer orders so you can specifiy  exactly what you require, weight, grains, profile type etc etc and the available clefts are shown and chosen by the customer. The willow comes from the same willow plantation RP has for the LE stuff though. The RPCs are a custom product, the LEs are a limited run to celebrate the brands establishment, upcoming launch of website and an example of what BlueRoom are bringing to the market.

Both bats are custom ordered unless you see a shape you like from stock and that will be made up with the LE willow etc

sorry to ask if this has been said,
but what is the grading?

The MP is BlueRooms tag, the grading is as expected. MP+1 is grade 1 MP+2 is grade 2 and so on.

LEs are graded several times to find the best willow for appearance and Performance from only the best grade1 Willow Rob has. There can be
 wait for availability and any specifics from the customer.
Bespoke bats can be made to all grades and shapes but the RPC customs are the premium grade1 willow from Robs clefts and are selectedmade to exacting specs from the customer. 


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