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peitersen batting left handed, rightor worng?


i heard on the radio that the mcc are looking at kp swap shot to see if it is ethical? what are you views

personally i tihnk it is ok, because if he stupid enough to play it let him play it

What a load of rubbish...if he had got out noone would have said anything!
Let him play it hes going to get bowled sooner or later!

I think it should be banned as whats different from pietersen swapping from right to left handed and a bowler doing it, they get no balled unless they tell the umpire i think the same shouls apply here. Also a captain has set a field for a right handed batsmen he then hasn't got the chance to change the field.
I have no problem with the 'conventianal' reverse sweep as you don't change what hand you playing. Also don't think it's fair on umpires as they might get confused on ;bw decisions.

Well its been allowed now... The MCC met today and decided its legal

Yey!  At least they have some sense!


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