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Biggest Underacheiver Ever...Tendulkar

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Whats everyone think of this article? He raises some good points especially the performances against good teams... but overall its just selective stat picking if you ask me!

What a load of BS

I actually agrewe with some of the points he makes. I actually rate Tendulkar very, very highly (as i'm sure most do) but for me he is second to Lara because lara did what he did in every country and conditions where to me Tendulkar only really does it in the sub continat, he has occasional brilliant times, like that tour in Australia but for me he's not consistent enough in swinging conditions.
Even after what i've said i still rate him as sheer talent and achievements as equal to Lara's.

I hate Lara hes just greedy... he would rather get a century and lose than get a 50 and win!!
Selfish batting by him when he made 400 runs really... they could have won if he had declared earlier!

They'd allready lost the series iirc so what was wrong with going for his 400? I would have done the same as him. Anyway you have to be selfish to achieve in cricket especially as a batsmen.


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