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Anybody play today,  scores on the doors?

Do people start this early in April?

Nice friendly today, bat first and we scored 267-8 (5 retirees on 40) and then the Oppos racked up 264 ao (( 4 x retirees). Game was very relaxed and both teams gave as many batsmen a go and bowlers all got 4-6 overs each just to get some overs down the range. Wasn't competitive so there were no stealing runs, mankads etc.

Lovely weather too

Oh and I retired with a SR of 98 so absolutely slogging levels of strike rate! Game every sat and sun now until end of sept :) winner

Northern monkey:
Spent four hours rolling the wickets today
Longest I've spent at the crease for a while!
Two weeks until first friendly, outfields wet through

We don't start our friendlies until 16th April.

Had my first outdoor net of the season today, following Buzz's advice I consciously made an effort not to trigger.
I felt more still at the crease and was able to pay the ball under my eyes a bit easier, hopefully it was a good omen for the coming season.


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