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Think a few posters could help themselves out in this thread by looking up the word gawky... Also the idea that Smith isn't a natural athlete is plain daft, isn't it? To get picked as a specialist fielder for Australia you've got to be a pretty bloody good athlete, let's face it.

Thought the first video was good if not exactly ground breaking, wasn't a fan of this one from an amateur point of view - closing yourself off isn't going to help many people.

He's a guy who has ridiculously good reactions and is rapid. He clearly has plenty of fast twitch muscle fibres and natural athletic ability.


--- Quote from: mohawks94 on May 13, 2020, 10:18:29 AM ---He's a guy who has ridiculously good reactions

--- End quote ---
He won't have significantly better reactions than average (noone does), just a much better response!

six and out:
Smith's next post on the Mental side of Batting -


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