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Anyone have the Blueroom Duffle


tushar sehgal:
Hi Folks,

Wondering if anyone has the blueroom duffle bag, how do you rate it? any pics would be appreciated. @fromthehip i think you might have one, if so could you please share you experience with it.


I think @ProCricketer1982 is the man to ask about Blueroom gear.

tushar sehgal:

--- Quote from: WalkingWicket37 on February 14, 2017, 11:53:01 PM ---I think @ProCricketer1982 is the man to ask about Blueroom gear.

--- End quote ---

thanks @WalkingWicket37 been chatting with Pro, he has been very helpful so i was hoping someone else could get me pics of the duffle as I don't want to bother him too much...


Yes have this good bag but no better or worse than most available from other companies
Not as big as my b&s black/gold one but more than ample for all my kit (batting only)
Has shoe pocket but in my experience a bit pointless as it's space from the main compartment that it takes up 🤔
Fro memory these are 40 does do a bigger one if I remember correctly 
I suppose I got it to match my kit not because it was better than others

tushar sehgal:
Ok great thanks @fromthehip


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