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tushar sehgal:
Been a little delayed in posting these. Has ordered 3 bats from Rob in different profiles and weights and other minor quirks....

All 3 arrived well packaged, out of the box the blank one pinged the best but now that all 3 have had knocking in, to various degrees, it is very hard to pick which one is really the best. In terms of service I would say except for me being impatient sometimes communication was great, always good to call and actually get Rob on the other end :) All amazing bats, ping is something else...some pics (pardon the poor quality of pics and review  :( )

My Bat
Weight 2-10.5
Edges - 35mm
Spine - somewhere in the mid 50's
Full profile, this bat reminds on the very first RPC I ever got, ping is very good.

RP Blank - Avalanche shape
Weight 2- 8.8
Edges - 42mm
Spine - Close to 60
Fair amount of concaving, ping is very good but this was the one that felt the best out of packet but now is on par with other 2

RPC-Extended spine
Weight 2lb 9.1
Edge 40 mm
Spine close to 60
Fair amount of concaving, best face and probably the best of the 3 ping but this one has had most knocking in...

You have three nice sticks. Did you score any runs  :D ??

@tushar sehgal , Never had an RPC but can't wait to try one when you move these on.

Nice grains on the stickered bats.

tushar sehgal:

--- Quote from: tejasapatel on June 07, 2017, 03:10:46 PM ---@tushar sehgal , Never had an RPC but can't wait to try one when you move these on.

--- End quote ---

Haha I only have 1 of these and used it last weekend, I need to fix the grip on it but otherwise felt really good. Don't think i'll be moving this one on any time soon :) it is a very nice piece of willow


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