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Ayrtek Cricket:
Morning all

Iíve got to order some new bits of Softs so thought Iíd put it out there for anyone wanting to get hold of some all white Eite Edition Gloves. These were produced specifically to order this time last year and demand outstripped what I had in stock.

If youíd like to pre-order a pair in any size/dexterity then please let me know and I can add them to my stock order list for a pre-Xmas delivery.

Price 70 inc uk delivery. If youíre outside of the UK drop me a PM and I can quote a price for you ex-vat but inc delivery.

Link to Instagram here to a customers pair he snapped a pic of if you havenít seen them before..

Having had 4 pairs of Ayrtek gloves I can't recommend them highly enough! Just got another set of the sausage gloves for next year 👍🏼

Ayrtek Cricket:
Very kind of you to say so @JB with 4 pairs already I wonít push you towards a 5th 😂

@Ayrtek Cricket luckily for you Tom, I've got sweaty palms!, 😉

Ayrtek Cricket:

--- Quote from: JB on September 22, 2017, 08:31:12 PM ---@Ayrtek Cricket luckily for you Tom, I've got sweaty palms!, 😉

--- End quote ---

And a big kit bag 👌


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