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Hello all

Thought some of you fellow badgers on here may find this as interesting as I did yesterday.

James kettleboroughs blueroom in the pack cave getting some tlc.

Really chunky profile and a massive flat toe. Stunning grains as well.
Whatís strange is the fact heís something like 6ft3 and the bat is slightly shorter than a standard Harrow  :o

Each to their own I guess!

Is that a bat or a club?  :D

Pro pressing?

I would be really happy if I had a rob pack bat. They are excellently made.


--- Quote from: WalkingWicket37 on February 06, 2018, 09:32:02 PM ---Is that a bat or a club?  :D

--- End quote ---

Itís very odd is what it is. Felt like an absolute canon as well tapping it up.
Made me wonder what other weird and wonderful things people might be using that go against the norm.

Would also be interesting to see how many times he has been cleaned up by Yorkers 😂

Turn Of Pace:
@ProWannabe88 - do you know the weight of that bat?


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