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Ayrtek Duffle bag review.


I've purchased one of Tom's Duffle bags for my lad, he's a part time wicket keeper so he needed a bag big enough for all his keeping stuff as well.
My first impressions are that the bag is massive. I haven't measured it but it easily fits in 2x helmets, 2x bats, full keeping kit and full batting kit, the separate shoe tunnel didn't quite get the 2 sets of shoes in but I wasn't exactly trying my hardest so you probably could with some clever packing.
The bag comprises of...
✅ Boot tunnel
✅ separate Bat section for 2 bats
✅ large main pocket
✅ twin side pockets
✅ central front pocket
✅ internal valuables pockets
✅ Padded back section and straps

Even after all the packing I still have one of the side pockets free as I just shoved most of the stuff in the main compartment. The bat section takes both of the bats with padded covers on too, so you could possibly add a 3rd bat if you needed too. Feels very robust with a hard bottom to protect from the elements creeping in. Good quality zips, you could easily padlock the bag up with a travel padlock too if inclined.

I'm seriously considering buying one for myself now! I'm sure @Ayrtek Cricket can supply the official dimensions. Overall all, very impressive luggage.

Iíve had mine for 2 seasons and itís shown no sign of wear at all!! Very well made, as are all of Tomís products 👍🏼

Ive had the holdall one, as a keeper and a messy soul. I have loads of kit and refuse to oack in neatly. Also historically gone through a bag a season.

Ayrtek one is still in good nick, every zip works and its the first bag where nothing about it annoys me. I would recommend.

Ayrtek Cricket:
Just been asked the size by someone and donít think Iíve ever measured one up 😆 mines still in storage so will have to dig it out and check.


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