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12,472 runs in Lockdown....a plea!


Hi all,

So, a shameless plea coming up here but for a very worthwhile cause. Our club lost a great bloke and one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet a few years ago, due to Motor Neurons disease, which is a horrible illness.

So in lieu of our planned fundraising day this year, throughout lockdown I'll be attempting to run the equivalent of Allistair Cooks 12,472 test runs. Which to my calculations in singles works out at  220,504 metres over 26 days (I started a day late!). Although with a few rest days this will work out as 23 days, so approx 6 miles/10km per day.

Doesn't sound massively difficult, but at 43 with no training, aching bones and not being a fan of running, I can see it being very testing! 😣

So i was hoping it would be worth a quid or two of people's money!

Any donations, no matter what size would be gratefully recieved through my Just Giving page -

Thanks in advance, really appreciate it!

All progress will be tracked through Strava, with updates on Just Giving, Instagram and Facebook.

A worthy cause mate, MND is devastating to any affected, and those around them - that's me donated. It's really tough losing a loved member of the club, I always have memories when I go down to any training session of our late club coach.

Thanks mate, very generous of you! Really is appreciated and I agree, it's very sad and just thought I'd do something in his memory.

Currently about 18 miles down in the last 3 days, plenty to go yet! Effectively 1,650 runs 😆

Thanks to the ones who've donated, much appreciated and some very generous donations!

95 miles ran in the past 16 days, 42 roughly to go! Be great to very over 1k if anyone wants to support a great cause.


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