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Prototype profile out for testing :) It needs a name.

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Bobbed down to the pack cave today to pick up a few bits and ended up taking away this little beauty. Or beast depending on how you look at it.

Rob described it as 'Something he wanted to have a mess around with whilst playing with the drawknife one day'

To the untrained eye it may just look like a modern take on a traditional bat. But if you look closer you can see the hugely offset edge - so offset the meat of the edge is at the top of the bat!

The profile of the bat has an almost M&H distinction look to it, albeit not as exaggerated with a very steep spine and long mid/low sweet spot with smaller edges than on most bats nowadays. I'm not sure what prompted Rob to have a play and move the edge so high up the bat, he was experimenting with counterbalance, but whatever he set out to do he certainly achieved. The dead weight of the bat is 2lb 93/4 fully dressed but it picks up better than my current match bat which is 2lb8.5 in its current state. and as you can see from the side on images, the profiles are very different!!

It hasn't been decided if this will make regular production yet, feedback will be ongoing from myself and any players that want to test it in nets etc but initial impressions are great! Once the new stickers have arrived they will be put on the bat but for now, the lovely green and grey are taking centre stage

specs are as follows:
2lb9 3/4
20mm toe
25mm shoulder
25mm edge at sweet spot
37mm offset edge at top end of bat

Suggestions for names are welcome but must be surfing, sea, wave related to tie in with the current brand and equipment.

Love that shape and the experiment - would love to try it - name wise, how about the riptide?

riptide is now on the list  :)

Is the Blueroom Aerial a thing yet? If not, that's a decent candidate.



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