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Re: Stance
« Reply #45 on: June 19, 2017, 06:52:17 PM »

It is all really interesting and helpful, thanks @roco

I had another 2 hours on a bowling machine after that session and could already feel it becoming more normal and I definitely see it as something to persevere with.

The main problem is keeping the practice up as those 4 hours playing around with an open stance in the past few days is all I've batted since March! In a match situation bad habits take over with poor results!

Exactly right Dorset and grooving it so it holds up in a game is the hard part. It's not easy, 3 years in after adjustments to my stance it's still a work in progress. 2 weeks ago I was looking at mid off to a left arm over the wicket bowler, I knew my stance was out and head position had gone over too far.

I tend to bat with low hands so I think it was mentioned on here about having hands higher up(bairstow springs to mind) so perhaps an idea is to stand up straighter....that's what I will be trying to do anyway.that should get the hands higher...I'm not sure about that so I will give it a go at nets and see if it helps
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