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Im very pleased to announce Robert Pack Cricket will soon be releasing a Limited Edition range of bats. These will be seperate from the Blue Room brand but you can still expect the same high quality hand craftsmanship and amazing performance. The bats will be made in the workshop by hand from only the finest willow available and will be lavished with all new Robert Pack labels. More details coming soon.


So what will be the difference to the blueroom custom bats? Just the stickers?

guess they will be made "from scratched" and not pre handled clefts?

The details above are all I have at the minute mate. As soon as Rob gets back I will ask for more details. I'm sure there will be more to it than that though.

i hope they are 25 grain clefts that are massiveeeeeeeeeeeeeee


love the new stickers so might be tempted to buy another :D


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