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has anyone else been following what has happened to Ross Taylor?

in Sri Lanka the coach tells him he is a (No Swearing Please) skipper so he goes out and play one of the most astonishing games as captain, scoring 142 and 75 with the kiwis winning, then gets dumped as captain in return. if cook had played like that his reception would be slightly different!

the coach just wants his mate brendon as captain.

a total disgrace that anyone could be treated like that.

Here here Buzz, one of the better International captains, and their only world class batsman!

My view was that it would make them easier to beat next summer if he wasn't there!

I read somewhere they want to reduce his workload and have split captains for each of the forms ala Eng, Aus, SA etc. but Taylor said I want to do all three or none at all. So subsequently his hand was forced. Shambles all round

any bets on him jacking in international cricket for a while and taking up a well paid county stint come t20 specialist?


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