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StrettonFox Sports:
Hi everyone.

Within the next 12 months I have been invited to visit several academies and cricket establishments internationally. This has got me thinking and planning to look into a much larger scale presentation tour.

So far possible venues (can't confirm the actual names yet as some discussions are still taking place) are Dubai, Mumbai, and Sydney.

The aim of course is to promote Stretton Fox, physically making the effort to go to present gets much more respect from the players, coaches and establishments so I intend to be as hands on as possible. It's rewarding being able to work closely with players who are interested in such a personal area of cricket and this is what drives the development of future products. Like with everyone here on the forum your support and feedback is awesome !

I am putting together a big schedule and would like to put out the invitation to overseas clubs / academies / establishments on this forum if they would be interested in receiving Stretton Fox on tour ?

Also any queries etc please fire away i'll do my best to get back to you asap !

Thanks again to everyone for the support, speak soon.

George Fox

I thought there was a job on offer there just about to put my remfry in the bin ...

Hope all is going well George

StrettonFox Sports:
Thanks bud cross fingers there may be soon ! I'd always look here first for anyone crazy about kit !!

Your new brand ambassador is keen to know more about the tour. He might be a bit small for a long haul trip, but I think we could do a youtube style video for you... :)

StrettonFox Sports:
Haha awww !! We'll have to catch up soon )

I've got a meeting with a representative of the Dubai contact this Friday so hopefully will have some more info confirmed by then.

The aim is to hit as many countries as possible within the next 12 months, especially developing cricket areas such as the US and Canada.


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