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GM Original LE Gloves - Thanks Arvind

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Aswani Sports is one of the lower key sponsors on here, but known for their GM Grips - as well as their recent move to the SWALEC stadium Wales. We should also say they are great for other kit too!!

Now normally I would come up with some kind of bluff about me pinching kit from the Stig - but can you really imagine that to be the case? this is a man who arrives at the nets has a hit and barely says a word other than marking the bats he is testing and then leaves. Typically he leaved fully padded up and the chance of grapping any of his kit is basically non existent.

As such I have now to admit that it is, in fact, Arvind who has been helping me with my GM fetish

Here are some lovely GM Original L.E. gloves that arrived yesterday (super fast delivery, as soon as the GM order arrived!)

Things I would note about these gloves...
1. they are slightly bigger than previous years models
2. they are still light and really comfortable, they won't need wearing in.
3. they aren't cheap...!!

In the mean time, please can it stop raining!

nice looking glove.

i have the original non le abduction an very impressed.

is the bat cover new? full length or just blade coverage?

The bat cover is one of last years, I picked up on ebay a while ago, the black/grey make the gloves stand out better on the high chair in my garage! It is a padded blade only cover, I really like them and have one for each bat... this one is waiting a new bat :o

edit this year's ones look great:

I think my gm bat covers is a fair few years old. I've been eying up a new one, as they do look nice, but want a full length one.

Good choice on the batting gloves. Great protection and very comfortable too.


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