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Full re-launch in 2020, retail fully mouldable body armour, starts here on CBF

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Excellent news George! really excited to see what you have come up with.

Great to see your back George and look forward to seeing the new designs. Must say its great to see one of the sponsored brands actually share something new with the forum

StrettonFox Sports:
Thanks everyone! Over the moon to finally be in a position to get a proper retail range out.

I'll see what sort of sneak peeks can be grabbed over the next week!

awesome news! have used my bespoke thigh pad combo for the past 12 months and honestly its amazing! has also drawn alot of questions from various people...ill definitely be adding some of the new range to my personal wish list :D

StrettonFox Sports:
Actually, here's a question for everyone...

Over 500 pros use the kit, in the past we've had "spot the fox" which will hopefully continue ;)

I'm in discussions with a lot of teams and specific individuals about what they are legally allowed to say on social media to drum up friction for the brand. It tends to vary depending on the main sponsor etc...

However, I need to create a # for social media. Something a bit more clever than just #strettonfox (bit boring!)

Question to everyone, what would be a good # for anyone to use to state that they are part of the SF family? As I'm planning a bit of a landslide :)

Winning # might have to get a full set of guards as a prize :)

Love this forum! wish my extended family was this much fun to speak with!


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