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I found somebody making bats vaguely near me!

They look pretty good too! Has anybody heard of him?

Never heard of them but stickers look very smart and the bats look a good size.

I have spoken to him few times before. He is pretty good but very busy. I needed to reduce weight for one of my bats and I contacted him, he said it will take around 3 months. He had so many orders to finish.

Have not got a bat from him , but I and a  teammate got our bats Knocked by him . Did a very  good job and seems to be very responsive on FB . As someone said he seems to be pretty busy  and it took about 3 weeks for my bat to be  done . First heard of him from an opponent who had his bat made by him  . Picked up the bat and the  pickup felt good. However never saw the bat in  action as the guy was runout without facing any balls .

That's cool!

How are the bat prices?


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