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Tim Paine using Stretton Fox

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--- Quote from: richyreed on January 02, 2021, 12:54:41 PM ---Steve smith was also using them in a recent net, doesn't look like he got the memo about shaping them before!

--- End quote ---

Is this what they mean by 'All the gear, no idea'?

Mine goes back to the same shape  as Smith is wearing after a few weeks if I do not keep them  strapped up really tight in the kit bag . And the strap at the back keeps riding up the hip . An excellent product , but  maybe there is some scope for improvement after all .

I appreciate the innovative aspect of the product but product has to work. What we are seeing here is something I have alluded to in the past: time consumption. If a product takes too much effort or too long to become effective, it is a time-expensive product.

Make things easy to use. No wonder Remfry's are so popular.

I would say stick to aeros or remfry. Strettons are a good concept but very tedious.

Are the old style SFs no longer available. And has anyone given feedback directly to @StrettonFox Sports ?


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