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  What interest is there is clubs/teams live streaming their games ?   So, PCS Pro charge nearly 2k for their single camera and I've built a very billy basic system using Pis, IP Camera's , TP Links etc.

cost to buy..circa 500 max (this gives you 4 camera's , 2 at each end (one normal on the wicket.. one zoomed out to see fielding)).

just wondering if I should basically message a load of local clubs to see if they want it?   saves people paying stupid money for PCS (as this rips out the same stats from PCS anyway and displays it).. it's also idiot proof.. once you power the pi on, it literally works.

What would people love to see recording wise?

So, I've got a training solution which basically is a much better frame rate so you can quite literally, see the seam the whole way down for example.
Match day solution
Simple solution if you anted to take it to away games
even got one for indoor training and indoor cricket etc..

Even got a little mic for stump mic :) :)

Neon Cricket:
That'd definitely be of interest to my club mate, especially the training aspect (although not sure stump mic would be a good idea with our keeper :D)

We've just purchased a pretty decent camera to be a static cam to record our games. i spent a lot of time researching IP cameras and stuff but couldn't really find anything which would be of a suitable 'zoom' or reach the magical 50/60 frames per second.

Would like to have a set up like this but we basically had no budget to work with! We're not really interested at this stage for the PCS integration, as our ground is in the middle of nowhere (no internet), but just for recording memories and for training purposes. (As well as having evidence when members of the opposition kick off and start acting like doughnuts! :D )


would you be able to share information of a decent IP camera or the specs that would allow for decent viewing.

I agree the PCS costs seem high and even with a little knowledge people can get very similar set ups for a fraction of the cost.

Let me remember how to do a picture on here :)

So, out of interested I started using simple USB Logitech webcams with zoom purely for dev. These actually work quite well but it's the PTZ function you want . So 1080P is the bare min you want and you have to keep an eye between what you stream 'live' and what quality you want for training. Bandwidth is not your friend for transmitting high frame rates remember live.

anyway.. when I remember how o do pics, I'll show you the main IP Camera I'll use for outside.. Inside nets is easier still. also 3d printing cases and hardened ones for training when it get invariably smashed by the ball


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