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A taster of what's to come. The Prototype Profile.

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Well what can I say about this from Rob. The demand for big bats with big edges and low weights has clearly pushed him over the edge!! A new shape to the range That will possibly go into production should the demand be there. Specs for this beast were a weight of 2.10, a huge Middle and massive edges i believe. Not asking much for a price tag of only 180 then fella  ;)
This is currently being made up for a customer and I think he will be very pleased with it. Slightly based on the swell profile with alterations to the spine and additional may not be a traditional mans cup of PG but expect edges to be +40mm. The previous model was only available in 2.12+ but after dropping on some fantastic willow Rob has managed to produce some very big bats for the weight. I'm sure the gent purchasing will be reviewing once he has received his new weapon.
 All the best lad, enjoy the pics

These people and their demands for perfection eh?

Terrible! Looks a stunner, even if I do say so myself

That is crazy very close to toms effort ha ha

But nice willow may be tempted to give him a call next year and see if he can get close to my match bat which will take some doing

Why would you want your edges thicker than some of the middle?

Six Sixes Cricket:
Looks almost the same as the 'new wave' he sells


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