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Evening all, finally got round to sorting some bats out with Rob. These are the kind of blades you can expect if you were to make an order through the forum. Every bat shown is an MP+1 which is the top of the range from BlueRoom, and can be made to all shapes, sizes and specifications. Prices now are 180 or 200 if you would like your bat match ready - Knocked in by hand, oiled and with or without anti scuff. the images below are an example of what is being produced everyday and yes they are all for sale, one has already gone to a member of the forum. Rob also has Low density clefts available if anyone is after something special.
Enjoy the pics, go on treat yourself it is Christmas afterall.

Profiles from left to right: Prototype stickered as Swell, New wave, Wipeout.

All specs catered to and custom services available at the no extra charge.

All top notch. I'm sure some of us will treat ourselves! ;) Have people dusafreeed over the stickers in the past: I like them, they look great!

the stickers were something i wasnt sure of until i saw them in the workshop mate. they look great though and have a layered effect so its not a completely flat sticker.

Excusing the now customary stupidity on my part, are all these for sale? If so can you grab us the specs? Very nice indeed.

Lol, good question though. Abd could you tell me which ones are the pro bats: I can't tell :( Prices fir everything would be helpful if they're for sale? :)


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