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went to see rob today and must say he is a really nice and knowledgable chap we talked for a good hour over coffee about this and that his history at kook and how he got into batmaking etc etc then he started to ask me what sort of player i was and i showed him my current bats then he got a couple of part mades down for me to look at then a variety of clefts from finished to raw clefts for me to look at but after a while i went back to a near finished which i just fell in love with,its a completly different shape to what i usually go for but just felt right in the hands as it has what he calls a floaty pick up as it just seem to melt into the hands, he then proceeded to finish it for me plus doing an extra press which really did changed the rebound for the bette while i looked at a few of kiesetter and mustards bats then a quick polish then on to finding the correct grip set up which with me takes time but we got there lol,the following pics are taken on the i phone as i have left the bat there for knocking in and oiling all in all a top day out and highly reccomended
specs :-

2lb12 with two grips
30mm edges
64mm spine height
14 grains
no concaving
floaty pick up

looks lovely dude! very high spine :D

hope u had a good day mate and hope ur coffe was spot on lol

Looks very nice. Worthwile trip I imagine. How were Kieswettters and Mustards bats: I guess you've got a so-called 'boom bat' then? :) Lots of wood there.

kieswetters and mustards were broken as they were the ones he made them and sent back with comments like perfect handle and copy again please etc plus coffee was nice lol

plus yes loads of wood in it just where you need it as well in the middle

that looks a lovely bat! hope you have a good season with it! looks like it will go nicely!


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