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New glove sample pics.

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Received some pictures of the new gloves set to be released in 2011.
No prices are set in stone as yet and I believe the design may be tweaked and changed but for now, I'd just like to know your opinions. They are being made at a highly respected manufacturer and I'm expecting the quality to be second to none.
The first pair are the mid range glove with 'Wipe Out' labelling. Calf skin palm, the others are the top range glove 'New Wave' labelling with Genuine Pittards palms.

Very nice big fan of those! Very Pumaesque

They look good, prefer the top ones.

In Fenerbahce's club colours! :D

I thought the wipe outs looked very puma-esque and the new wave similar to gray nics

Like the look of both, and agree that them top ones look Very Pumaesque..I guess pricings will be done upon receipt of the gloves at Rob's end? Are pads on their way too? :)


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