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Ordered 2 x Blue Rooms after going down to see Rob.  Must say, what a nice guy he is!!  Had a look at lots of clefts and part made bats, went with the idea of getting 2 identical bats, however left with 2 that couldnt be further apart if they tried!  Will update the thread with pics etc, when they arrive next week.

More to come


Great to hear You managed to get down there for your bats mate  :)
I hope it all went well. Did he make you his famous cup of coffee? Haha
What did you end up with then, I know you wanted 2 identical customs at 2.9 so id be intrigued to know what made you change your mind?

Love that you went for 2 opposite bats, looking forward to seeing them.

Well i did want 2 twin bats, however after a long discussion and picking up 2 bits of willow that i couldnt put down i went with 2 opposites (cousins maybe).  The first should go like stink, big edges etc but probably wont get more than a season from it (which is fine) and the other is very traditional shape but picks up the same as my first bat.  Smaller edges, lots of meat in the bat should last a long time.  Rob has created me two bats that even without using them yet have a place in my heart!

pics will get posted when i recieve the bats :D

Are you having them knocked in then?


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