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Softs update. Pads!!

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The pads are nearing completion now and I thought I'd let you all have a little sneak preview. The only change to be made on these is the Royal blue colour on the blue/yellow pads. It Just needs to be a little lighter to tie in to the brand.
I think these are going to cause a real stir again but that's what Blue Room is all about.
Unfortunately the gloves arent ready yet but We want to make a statement and avoid the trends set by other brands where possible so expect more of the same when these are completed. Prices will be comfirmed very soon. Please leave your comments, were very excited to hear what you think.
Remember.... Be different, Be BlueRoom!

Please note - blue to be altered to royal blue. 
Images are of both pads together.

i quite like them very colourfull :D

awfull pics tho lol

Six Sixes Cricket:
Think I prefer the blues even tho my bat is pink. Do look good tho

I didn't take the pics but sorry for that. Will get some better ones sorted when I go down ti the workshop.

Looking nice, cant wait to see the gloves. Is there a difference between  the pink and blue/yellow pad other than colour?


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