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First of all may I just say hallelujah!! Were back online.
Saturday brought another visit to Roberts workshop for Fletcheruk's new bat. I'll leave the details to the man himself. Whilst there Simmy (we cant go anywhere if it isnt together  :)) got busy with his slr and took some pics of the workshop and Mr pack hard at work. Anyway I hope you all enjoy them and hopefully it will give you all a little insight into robs setup and the workload he carries for himself,Puma and his professional customers.

The shop

The players willow, some others also available to the public.

A small corner of the workshop

Another corner of the Workshop, and yes that's me. Oh dear

A few tasty pumas with drying toe guards

Fletcheruk and myself investigating a smashed RP kahuna.

The Pack man himself working on Fletcheruks new play thing

Here he is doing some sanding to the same blade

And again on a fine sander

Ready for stringing

Robs assistant getting some boning done - oh yeah! Bone that bat lad!!

I'll leave the finished article to Fletcheruk but I'll leave you all with Simmys little softs collage he put together. Poor lad had nothing else to do with his life that evening.

Hope you like the images.

great pics and a nice looking bat.

Ayrtek Cricket:
very impressive mate...great to see the scale that hes working too and what hes churning out!!

looks like a top class set-up

Those are some grains. Fletch has a beauty by the look of things! :)

Interesting looks like the part mades have 2 & 3 spring is this a preferance thing or something else


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