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Blueroom Review - Custom New Wave

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Right guys here we go. Last Saturday I had a ride down to see Rob at the “pack cave” with PW and Simmy. Took about 2 hours to get there but well worth the drive. We got there about half 10ish, had a look round the shop and workshop while Rob finished with a customer.

While down there we had a good look at the softs which Simmys posted pictures off on another topic (very nice and good quality too). Anyway Rob came over and discussed what I was looking for and disappeared for 5 minutes. He then reappeared with a very nice looking bat in his hand. Very good pickup and weight, just what I was after. The only thing was that I wasn’t too keen on the look of the bat (not that it matters). I then followed Rob into the back room (a massive rack with loads of unfinished blades all handled up). Picked out a few nice blades before eventually choosing “the one”.

We then went back into the workshop where Rob trimmed it down to the basic shape and made the round handle oval. I still couldn’t decide if it was right. Something was putting me off, it was the balance which Rob looked at and altered in 10 minutes. Now happy with the balance he then disappeared to string the handle and re-grip. Once it was all gripped and I was happy with everything he then finished sanding and gave it a quick polish before giving the edges a bone and applying the stickers.

Overall very happy with my new piece of willow, just looking forward to using it.

Specs of the bat are:

Style – New Wave
Grade – 1
Weight – 2.8 and a half
Grains – 13 straight with a little heart wood on the outside
Not sure on the width of the edges

Thanks again Rob, would recommend a visit to the “pack cave” to everyone!!

Can't see pics......

struggling to find out how to link the pics right so that they show in the post. any help??

 Just like that ;) Looks a stonker mate.


How the fook did you do that? lmao


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