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Latest Matches / Re: World Cup qualifiers
« Last post by Kulli on Today at 10:52:33 AM »
Game on, would have taken this sort of a chase this morning, presuming they don't go mental in the last few.
Latest Matches / Re: Sa vs aus
« Last post by Nmcgee on Today at 10:45:49 AM »
If the English team had half the fire in the belly that the Aussies or Saffas do, they wouldn’t be the pathetic rabble that they are.
😂😂 is this you Jack??? The BCFC gave it away for me.... it’s Mark, Jim’s mate. Told you we’d beat Wolves the other Saturday 😂
Wicket Keeping / Re: Pads for a (very) tall keeper
« Last post by Six Sixes Cricket on Today at 10:12:39 AM »
Gn only do the Predator 1500
Kook only do the 2000 and 1200 model
Latest Matches / Re: Sa vs aus
« Last post by csnew on Today at 09:55:22 AM »
Rabada cleared to play

The Aussies not happy about it.

I’m sure rabada will love all the compliments the Aussies threw at him at the end of the 2nd test. They were trying to rub it in and enforce how much of a loss he would be to SA. Glad to see it backfired
Bat Care / Bleaching cricket bats
« Last post by SP007 on Today at 09:55:15 AM »
Hi guys,

Ive noticed some bats (like mrf and kooka) have extremely white coloured willow thats has been bleached.

If i want to get this 'white' look to my bat, how would i go about bleaching the bat myself?

I visit these nets reasonably regularly, once a week, can confirm they are run by great lads and the facilities themselves are more than reasonable especially for the price. If you want to pay a bit more the indoor cricket centre at Edgbaston is impressive albeit more expensive and availability is never good. Never used the shop at Forward Drive sadly
Mongoose / Re: MONGOOSE IS BACK!!!!
« Last post by jdownesbcfc on Today at 09:46:43 AM »
Yeah especially considering I placed the order a week ago. I'm going to reply saying I'm not happy etc, show them they are displaying stock still available and ask if there's anything they can do with alternative stock. Very disappointed as I had a couple of nets penned in for this weekend
Wicket Keeping / Re: Pads for a (very) tall keeper
« Last post by Ayrtek Cricket on Today at 09:40:40 AM »
Ben, as per Instagram reply.

I’ve not heard of OSM wk pads before but will measure these from instep to knee if that helps?
Mongoose / Re: MONGOOSE IS BACK!!!!
« Last post by Ayrtek Cricket on Today at 09:38:34 AM »
Oh dear, not great considering a supposed relaunch. You’d think they’d want to ensure it all went smoothly if trying to rebuild the brands rep.
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