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Gunn & Moore / Re: GM 2019
« Last post by bigc92 on Today at 04:43:07 PM »
Just had a good look through the new range, partially the Diamond. looks like they have gone on they're fancy DXM computer and searched 'Flare'. they look very similar to me.

Bat Making / Re: Narrow Grain vs Wide Grain - Amateur Science
« Last post by six and out on Today at 04:20:44 PM »
I think they do break more than they used to yes. Personally - and I know there's lots of debate on this - I think that it is caused by a combination of overdried willow, harder, lower quality balls and softer pressing. I hedge my bets a little bit to be honest, but I honesty don't think there is one single cause. We live in a disposable society so to some extent it is the same with bats as frying pans or socks. But, pans and socks don't cost £400. A clubmate of mine uses a Dukes bat that is shaped like an SS Jumbo. The thing is about 30 years old and there's barely a mark or crack on it. You can't hit the ball off the square with it, but it will last for ever. You pays yer money, you takes yer choice...

Really interesting thread, thanks Justin for taking the time to put it together.

The 2000 runs comment is interesting... I reckon I am about that, on average I buy a new expensive match bat every 2/3 seasons. And i am facing a rock hard new ball every weekend.

Regards why bats aren't lasting as long, another big reason I think is the general care people take of their bats these days I just don't think is like it used to be. I speak to guys at my club when they buy a new bat and they are using it straight out the packet or saying that the shop knocked it in a little so that's enough etc... then they seem surprised when it starts cracking!!
Gunn & Moore / Re: GM 2019
« Last post by kaustav on Today at 03:59:01 PM »
Isn't it the muppet conducting the "ping test" that's responsible for hitting the ceiling, more than the bat...

When I bat, it's my bat that hits the ceiling alright. The ball does not  :(
Bat Care / Re: Bat repairs, Coventry/west midlands
« Last post by 19reading87 on Today at 03:36:43 PM »
V sports mate
Bat Care / Re: Bat repairs, Coventry/west midlands
« Last post by Churchy1989 on Today at 03:17:42 PM »
XX Cricket do very good repairs and i have had mine turned around within a week.
Bat Care / Re: Bat repairs, Coventry/west midlands
« Last post by rich041187 on Today at 02:52:40 PM »
V sports do refurbs - in Cov
Latest Matches / Re: Sri Lanka v England ODI series
« Last post by mohawks94 on Today at 02:48:46 PM »
I noticed that too def bulked up in the upper arms. He didn't score many runs for Middlesex this summer at least he put  the time to good use!

Let's be honest here (slightly off topic I know) but who did score many runs for middlesex this season? Only one that springs to mind is Paul Stirling
England / Re: County transfers 2018/19 (2019 season)
« Last post by mohawks94 on Today at 02:44:05 PM »
Was he released by Middlesex or was he offered a contract? Seems a bit of an odd move from me given without injuries he could quite possibly end up warming the bench all season.

Was offered a new deal having been our best bowler second half of this season and impressing in white ball since arriving from Gloucestershire, but turned down to move to Hampshire
Bat Care / Bat repairs, Coventry/west midlands
« Last post by alexhilly1492 on Today at 02:37:32 PM »
A friend needs his bat repairing thereís a crack through the toe (will try and post pics later)

I have the bat and had a look and darent try it myself

Can anyone recommend a good place to send it for repair/refurb in and around cov or the midlands


Bat Making / Re: Narrow Grain vs Wide Grain - Amateur Science
« Last post by SOULMAN1012 on Today at 02:14:05 PM »
This is quite an interesting side point, from a cleft / batmaking point of view. A 4 grain bat will likely be a 5 grain cleft. It could be 6 but probably 5. The thing is, using Wrights grading structure which - like it or not - is the Gold Standard, a 5 grain cleft cannot be graded higher than G3. So, if I cut down wide grain trees, however well they have been maintained and however good the timber looks, I will have great difficulty in selling the clefts as G2 or G1.

But, you may well go to a shop and buy a 4 grain bat as G2 or even G1. It could be beautiful, blemish free sap wood and you're happy to pay the dough. My point is, for what it's worth, that bat likely didn't start off as G2 or G1.

I totally agree in the grading really is pointless in that some offer G1+, player grading or what ever, itís just a way that could generate a way to stretch further profit margins from the best looking willow clefts.

Currently knocking in a 5 grain GN ultimate and itís performance, depth of sound and ultimately ping is superb, because it has been pressed very, very well
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