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Condemning Compton

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The 22nd Yard:
A reply to the Compton haters in the press and elsewhere...

I agree, I think Compton should keep his place for the time being.  He has had three poor test matches after hitting hundreds in consecutive games, if this was one of the established batsmen there would be little discussion about their place.  I would love to see Jonny cement a place in the England side but I think it would be harsh to drop Compton after his winter performances.  If he fails in the first 2 or 3 games of the Ashes then he could be considered for dropping.  The worry about replacing him with Bairstow is that with the champions trophy being on we could see Bairstow carrying the drinks when we could really do with him having some time in the middle with Yorkshire

At best he will get a couple more tests before they will call time and promote Root.

Red Ink Cricket:
Im glad someone else agrees with me. Really annoys the hell out of me when players have a bad couple of games and everyone jumps on the bandwagon, grabs the pitch forks and goes hunting! Being a somerset fan i do rate compton and think he will do very well given a chance. you have to give players a chance in the game to settle down and bed in.

2 test hundreds in not many games and some reasonable innings in india in tough conditions. couple that with wisden cricketer of the year and almost a 1000 runs before may last year. obviously makes him an average cricketer!

I thought nasser made a good point during the test series. talking about comptons 1st test 1st innings dismissal he said that if KP had done that then it would have just been 'oh its KP, it happens, big one round the corner' but because it was compton he was slated. He then went on to state thats one of his shots and he went to a 100 with it earlier in the CC. you wouldnt stop any other players playing one of their shots so why stop him!

I really hope he makes some big runs in the lead up to the ashes and piles it on during the series. Love to see the commentators with their tails between their legs! if he doesnt, englands loss is somersets gain

I agree too, class is permanent after all. He'll come good! Trying his best not to score any runs though lol. 34 from 140 odd balls lol


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