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Condemning Compton

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Compo 70* getting some much needed runs!

Bell hasn't performed in tests, how bout he gets dropped?


--- Quote from: ajmw89 on June 06, 2013, 02:07:56 PM ---Bell hasn't performed in tests, how bout he gets dropped?

--- End quote ---

Why indeed? There's is no doubt his a talent but it's easier to play in a team when you know you won't get dropped at a hint of bad form. I feel for Compton, he's obviously a good player. I feel he's probably a victim of timing more than anything. He's very similar to Trott, Cook and Bell in terms of temperament. Non of these will be dropped anytime soon (rightly or wrongly) so he's the easy choice. If he had smashed his 100s then there probably wouldn't be a debate but he battled and clawed his way to a score at a time when we have those types of players already established in the top 5. I think England are in need of more dynamic modern test opener - see Dilshan, Warner, Vijay, Gayle. If he does get dropped I hope it's for this reason a not for a lack of runs (up to a point, obviously).

I agree Compton hasn't done anything wrong to get dropped, but I can't help feeling that the England selectors have got this wrong.  Last season Compton was batting middle order for Somerset so non of the pressure of opening on him, while Root was opening for Yorkshire, I really feel that they should be batting the other way round, and maybe pushing Bell to 6.

This also gives the top 3 better balance and should make Buzz happy   ;)

Hundred up for Compton, will give him a nice confidence boost ahead of the ashes


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