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The 22nd Yard:
A look at some of the young, up and coming pace-men in the County Championship.

Please comment if I have missed anyone out, maybe even some bowlers in Premier Leagues that have not yet been noticed by counties...

Dude, half of the ones you've mentioned are barely above medium pace!  And its hard to see how Brooks and Rankin qualify as up and coming...

If you are looking for bowlers under 25, Toby Roland-Jones, Moin Ashraf, Matt Dunn, Chris Jordan, Luke Fletcher, Mike Read...

Wouldn't exactly call Fletcher or brooks "quick"

At test match level pace means nothing unless you can put it in the right areas... Impressed with Overton, ive watched him a few times this season and he bowls great areas.
Mills is probably the quickest from what ive seen.

As for Jack Brooks... couldn't put up with his constant changing of head bands

You forgot Chris Wood & Dave Griffiths  ;)

a blog on fast bowlers and chris woakes is pictured  ???


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