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Hi, may I preface this by saying if this is in the wrong place please can the moderators move it.

I like the look of the VKS pad range especially the light and ultralight range. Does anyone have any specific experience or reviews of these?

Or could VKS provide some stats on the pads please like weight, dimensions and difference between small man and regular man size?

As I say they look good and I like the idea of a light pad, though after reading lots on here about so called light pads and gloves, and whatnot, it occurs to me that often pads aren't so light afterall...plus I'm not a fan of the foam moulded ones.

I have recently got back into cricket after a 10 yr hiatus and my GM Diamond pads (not made anymore so I don't think it is competitive in saying this) are about 800g for the pair. So would like something as light, or lighter with the same or better protection.

Since watching an IJC video on pads, I've started wrapping the knee roll and top in bungees when not wearing the pads and this has really given my pads a much snugger feel and running is better, but the flipside is the section above the roll now sticks up and out like a rolled up newspaper - so I'm hoping the VKS pads are both malleable, but with a decent angle above the knee, and not too wide or too long/ too short for a 70kg 5ft 11 bloke.

PS. Can't pop into the shop, as 10000 miles away.

Thanks for starting up this topic.

As you correctly point out, there is a great deal thats currently being said about the weight of pads. Whilst its appealing to have them as light as possible, just as important are the materials used in the manufacture, as well as the overall flexibility, comfort and fit. We have been producing the VKS range since 1973 so know a thing or two about softs and designing them with comfort and protection as paramount.

We have 6 models in the range, the lightest of which is the Superlite at 642gms, (removing the inner padding brings the weight down even further by 20gms). Other models are the Pro-Series at 749gms, Test-Series at 765gms, the Ultra Series at 903gms and our top of the range Players Edition which has cane inserts, top levels of protection all round, but still weighs only 837gms.

With regards to the sizes, we would say anyone 5ft 7" or below should look to use the Small Mens size, so with your height being 5ft 11, you should opt for the standard mens size.

After some deliberation and a few emails to VKS I plumped for the VKS Superlite batting pads in standard mens size.

My main goal was to get a light and comfortable pair of pads to replace an outgoing pair of G&M Diamond Pads that have lasted well over a decade, possibly nearer 2!
I'm 6ft, 70kilos, a desk jokey and slim - which is relevant in so far as I have tried other people's pads in the past and found them too short, too long, straps too long, too wide to run in etc….
So although I wanted reasonable protection, bowling over 70mph is a rarity at my standard, most importantly I was looking at pads more of the storm-trooper ilk that might help my running between the wickets (now being of an age where getting the boundary and keeping up with the whipper snappers seems equally difficult).
I did think about Morrants but ultimately they seemed overpriced (if I didn't like them) and not to my taste honestly. 

They cost £36.99 but had to get them delivered to Australia by visiting relatives from the UK otherwise they would have no longer been a budget set of pads.
Although I ordered them some months ago and had them delivered to Nottingham (family) VKS kindly agreed to take them back if necessary when my family returned after a long holiday in Australia in the event that I didn't like them.

Pretty modern but understated I would say
I like that they are not at all garish
When put on and rolled to shape they are quite storm-trooper narrow but nothing as distinctive as the Puma Iridium 6000s
I don't think these pads will draw the eye or indeed any unwanted attention/ sledging
VKS branding is very subtle and to be commended in my opinion.
There are a few silver flashes and some small print on the side wings.
They are a bit shop worn with a few black dots on the top hat section, some off colour staining at the edges, one or two irregularities of stitching (tho nothing loose).

The pads themselves are very comfortable and the padding quite thick especially around the sounds.
The 3 straps are no different in terms of design from my outgoing pads (bought in The Nineties!). The straps are not padded and seeing as I have never had padded straps I don't miss it.
Unfortunately, the straps are way too long (see photos) but fortunately my wife has been good enough to try her hand at cutting them down and adjusting with needle and thread and done a really good job. She has taken off about 10-15cm of extra material on the top straps!

I can't really comment on the protection too much as I have only just got them really and had to take a break from playing whilst family are visiting.
They are no thinner than my outgoing GM Diamonds in any place EXCEPT in the area of the knee roll, where the traditional horizontal rolls of the GM pads are both much thicker but also wider which IMHO has always been a flaw of design affecting running (i.e. causing knocking-knees).
Weighing in at 642g, the VKS pads are about 200g per pad lighter though than my old GMs.
I can update this section in due course.

These VKS are made in India as my GMs were.
For £36.99 the quality is acceptable, they are a few loose threads and some areas behind the knee 'roll' on the inside where the stitching looks ragged.
Being very brilliant white and all manmade fibres the straps look a bit shop-soiled straight out of the bag, but I'm not so bothered tho' perhaps I might have been a bit more picky if I was local to VKS.
The pads look like they should wipe down clean very readily.

They feel very comfy, light, and wrap around the leg - I can actually run very normally without any knocking knees!
Protection remains to be seen but first impressions are they will be good enough for 70mph bowling.
Quality I think is perfectly acceptable for £36.99
Straps are way too long.

Pictures or they don't exist ;)

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1252.photobucket.com/user/dpns1ster/embed/slideshow/"></iframe>http://s1252.photobucket.com/user/dpns1ster/library/

Can't get the photos to upload - "unable to locate upload path" or something similar.
Never used photobucket before, but maybe this will work instead.


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