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Blank Bat - Hulk Profile (well sort of) - my new BEAST!

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As you may have seen from the WIYK video competition - I do have an extraordinary new wand.

And I am very justified in using the words "extraordinary new wand".

Background story...
I phoned Mike up around Easter outlining my need (really? - more like desire...) for a new bat, an appropriately large (very reasonable?!) sum of cash changed hands and Mike said he would bring me something the next time we met up - which worked for me. Unfortunately we didn't get so have our net due for ages (all my fault) so I asked Mike to post the bat to me in time for my game at the weekend.

What I wasn't expecting was what arrived

Mike said he would choose me an awesome performing bat and insisted that I should trust him to find me something I would love.
Now typically I would be relatively prescriptive on shape/style of bat - preferably something either relatively traditional or a lovely Pakistani shaped bat - usually the most important things for me are having the right handle and in a 2-10-211 weight range - but I have seen (and sampled) some of the more different shapes Blank Bats have trialled with Mike when we have netted - so I was persuaded to go with the flow.

What I wasn't expecting was this huge grade 2 (or 3 or Butterfly - who really knows...) custom XL club shaped weapon. 

This beast is all about performance - beauty here is in the eye of the beholder, it picks up well nicely on weight - but boy does it go.

It has been a while since I walked out to bat wielding something that really gave me confidence in the willow I was holding. The SAF Genus I had scored me loads of runs but was always just too heavy and my other bat had the middle too high - which I thought based on my netting was where I needed it - but it appears where I hit the ball in the nets doesn't resemble where I hit the ball in the middle.

This bat however felt good as I faced my first ball (an ungainly non-foot moving prod at a brisk ish medium paced plodder). The second ball screamed to the boundary through the off side. Confidence was back - and continued to flow until I was out LBW to one that kept a little low (shot along the floor - as I was shaping to launch it into Dorking).

Two things also to say
1. there has been a load of debate around concaving and performance - with this - I have large edges and massive amounts of wood in the hitting area - which does inspire confidence
2. yes it has nine straitish grains - but performance can definitely come from the less pretty bats

As I mention in the video's this is an extra ordinary club. Genuinely good enough for a pro. Genuinely wasted on me - but boy will I enjoy it...

Everyone loves a little video review!!

Here are a few pictures of the Incredible Hulk Club...

With the special super large coin on the edge...

And on the scales

and one after use...

yes this bat is

Great stuff

I've seen Canners bat which is very similar to that profile. Seems to be a winner.

Lucky Buzz.

(The Tour profile could be the new butterfly)

Nice review mate, a lot of effort put into it, this must be one of the best bats ever! Wish I could  have something like this in 2.8, maybe smaller spine and edges, with not much concaving. When I heard that sound 😍. My dream bat. Think it sounds almost as good as some of those 3lb monsters on Its Just Cricket's channel.


I think this should do a visit to the BoE nets on Weds night, for err science reasons :D

Looks beautiful!

A Captain Caveman club you say..........................................most interesting!


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