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So, since the end of the season I haven't really thought about kit. But after doing a bit of indoor coaching this weekend I'm starting to think about it a bit more!

I'm fairly happy with my kit so this is what I plan on going into next season with.

Bat: Red Ink custom - 2 seasons use, will have a refurb but is an absolute beauty. Depending on how it goes I may start the ball rolling on a twin bat at some point of the season!
Gloves: GN A61 1000 - Season old, absolutely fine, superb gloves. May pick up a pair of 2015 GN gloves if any take my fancy
Pads: GN E41 Oblivion Test - Excellent pads, will only replace if some of the stitching continues to under and subsequently breaks!
Helmet: Masuri - Will only replace with a potential new club helmet

All the rest will stay the same, first year I haven't really felt the need to blow a load of money on kit!

So what are you doing? Some of you may already have your new kit, so post it!

I got a rebate, so...I have a couple of bits coming. I don't have a club, but compensating with kit...

Haha we got as far as mid October until the '2015 kit' post appeared. Only kidding there is some bargains out there to be had so let's see who's first to post a mountain of new stash!

I now get paid to go to school, I do enjoy EMA, despite its inconsistencies, that 120 a month may get spend on some cricket gear!

I've already bought another Spectre, this one a bit heavier at 2.14, off Paul @ IJC. sold my 2.12 one from last season to a team mate who used it once and loved it. Ordered a Carbine direct from Affinity And an X*  Custom from John at Red Ink!! I've defo got to sell some more bats to fund this! Haha


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