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Your kit for the 2015 season

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I'd already done a rolling post of my 2015 kit arriving piece by piece haha  :-[

Not finalised what bats will be in my bag but will definitely be using SS kit next season.

Gladiator TON Duffle


SS Platino

Between SS LE & SS Super Test.
Also have a pair of SS Platino that were cheap for nets.

Thigh Guards
Ayrtek set I got cheap on here

Old style Green Masuri Test Ti

Keeping my green Asics Gel Advance.
Also got a pair of Gel 335s in good nick.

SS LE will almost certainly be my match bat
Will have either an SS Orange or SS Dynasty in my bag too (will chose when my Dynasty arrives)
Got a really heavy SS Super Power that was going to be a net bat but may now miss out.

Helmet and several bats to choose from. Probably be the 2 beauties i picked up last Thursday that make it into my kit bag.

I have pads, 2x gloves and a bat on pre order too. And just need a bag and I'm done.......honest. pics when it all arrives.

What's happened with the GM kit?? Has it all been sold?


--- Quote from: JB on October 12, 2014, 08:03:19 PM ---What's happened with the GM kit?? Has it all been sold?

--- End quote ---

Sat in my spare room buddy but all offers considered.
Might eBay it around March/April time

The spare room must be quite full!! I've got a few bits to sell but likewise I'm going to hold onto it for next year! There's no way I'll be able to get down to even two match bats!!


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