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Afternoon gents

I was wondering if anyone knew of any companies or people who repair and re-palm old keeping gloves, or is it just worth me buying a few new pairs instead? Because I've seen chase offer the service for 60 which is quite steep

My mate had his done at hunts county this winter, organised by the great @Vitas Cricket

I bought the GN Predator LEs this year and was considering getting them re-done once they wear out as they were so expensive. Is it actually worth doing it? Do they have a choice of palms?

To open this up again...

I wicket kept on Saturday for the first time in 7 years and looks like I may be doing it a few times again this season. My gloves were custom made by Geoff Wymer who has now sadly passed away.

Does anybody know who I should/could send the gloves away to, to get re-palmed?


Only a quick google, but these guys do it!


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