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Your 2018 kit... photos please

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It is that time of year again where people are dusting off their kit for preseason, finding some bits of kit are a looking just fractionally used, so not pristine, therefore must be replaced...

Let's see those pictures.
Match kit, net kit, wet weather kit, I don't care!

I appreciate there have been issues with photobucket. So instead use
or both work well and are free.

I am partly tempted to delete lists of kit without pictures...!

Where’s the pics of your kit?

Is the lighting not good enough in the darkest recesses of your garage?

I haven't got any pictures since my fun pack arrived on Friday... something for Wednesday I think...


Will add more pictures later on in the week when the black atomic arrives it’s a very big bat which was custom made for me by Stuart Kranzbuhler

All the same kit as 2016. Would like a New Balance longsleeve shirt if they ever happen


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