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Thigh pads - questions and now answers!

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ok - this question kind of relates to how much would you spend on a thigh pad set. The new Aero Strippers are about £50, the buchanan set with Hawk is about £65, the Remfry set is (with current exchange rates) in the region of £100. The top of the range kookaburra set are about £30 - but then the Kookaburra (and most other) pro's use Remfry

The Ace thigh pads are, I have now found out somewhere in between the Buchanan and Remfry in price. They do look pretty good - and are custom made, but would you spend the money?

Up until now I have been using the original Obo strippers, but after 3 seasons mine are fit for the bin. I have bought a cheap Kookaburra pair for nets and pre-season practice and have found them more comfortable than my OBO set. so am thinking of returning to the old school inner and outer thigh pad combo.

If i didn't go for this, what should I go for? Personally I think more than £50 is a bit punchy. 

I had and sold the Buchanan set as they were nice enough pads but I so rarely use them it was a waste of coffin space, kept a bog standard Newbery thigh pad but would rate Aero as the most comfortable and best option.

Not a fan of obo/strippers although i did use them for 2 years i found them bulky i have got a set of buchannans coming i have used them before there good i also have a ace feet in motion which is to be fair as good as i have seen i have desided on getting a pair of REMFRY to top my kit off for the season

Thanks - I think I will probably go with the buchannans - I don't have to face too many 85+ mph bowlers (!) so don't see the point is spending the extra £30!

Having gone back to the old school thigh pad set, I am not sure I will go back to the Obo's - as good as they are.

Further to the above, the time is now right for me to expand in a bit more detail about my quest for a thigh pad...

I have been surfing this forum since January and I have see an understandable fetish with bats of all shapes and sizes, I have also witnessed various fetishes with “top hats” on people’s mum’s and dad’s.
Fortunately I managed to source a majestic weapon from Norbs (rebranded as SAF bats now I see), this machine gun of a bat caused chaos in the nets last night, which has meant that my kit concerns moved to my thigh pad. I have no idea why. Have I really lost sleep over an effing thigh pad? – well no that will be Baby Viv’s fault.
During the past 3 seasons I have been using (with some success) the OBO strippers (the forerunner to the Aero model) and as good as they are, to be honest I have got bored with searching for the hip protector in various parts of my kit bag just before I am due to bat and the fact that they are pretty bulky.
Instead I have embarked on a mission to find a replacement, actually it turns out at some expense so we better keep this between us and not mention my troubles to the long suffering Mrs Buzz. My self-imposed mission was to find a value for money thigh pad set (inner and outer) that was the right size for someone who is 6’ft 1, comfortable and that wouldn’t get in the way of my trademarked moo over cow corner. So far I have expended enough capital that I could have bought a custom made “ACE Feet in Motion” set – without buying one, what a muppet.
So that none of you make the same mistakes as I do, I thought I would publish my findings. I have used links to serious cricket because of the pictures, I am not attempting to endorse them. I looked at various different options in shops and online and have come up with the below... feel free to disagree!

1.   If you want a cheap set of light weight thigh pads that are pretty protective (but probably will not last forever) The Kookaburra Ice set is pretty good (see for an example) the main thigh pad is about 40 cm (ideal for someone 5ft10-6ft) and could do with being shaped a bit better but that should come with wear. I have worn a couple of bowling machine balls during the last few weeks and the protection is excellent. For about £20+postage – you get value for money.

2.   The new Aero strippers look much better designed than the old ones and I expect them to be excellent – they will have their devotees, for about 45+postage, I am sure they will be good value   

3.   Ace/Buchanan thigh pads are at the higher end price wise (£85 or £65 + post respectively) I am sure these will be excellent. The Remfry ones are more expensive, but most test players use them for their whole career – that suggests that they are value for money. Matt Prior uses the ACE version, not sure what other pro's go for them.

pics here...

4.   There are other types of thigh pad such as the shark one I have on sale here (sorry for the plug - my view is that this type of thigh pad will do a job for a lower level player and represents decent value because they will last longer than that Ice set as above for a similar price – but I wouldn’t choose to use them. Mainly because they are 40 cm and too small for my slightly lanky frame.

5.   In the end I called up hawk to ask them about the Buchanan set ( and ended up buying the Hawk X-Pro thigh pad and inner ( which although they are 5mm thicker at 15mm offer excellent protection and value for money. By phoning them up to discuss the purchase, it turns out that they do the X-Pro in 46cm, 43cm and 40cm. After getting the tape measure out I went for the 43cm – so the 46cm ones will be great for someone who is 6ft 3+. The fit on me is excellent, they are very light weight, well made and again after wearing a few (not deliberately) on the bowling machine I am very happy with them. (£38+post)


As an aside - it seems that a few of the pro's are using the G and M Original LE set - these look pretty good, although I haven't tried them on.
So the moral of the story is... I don’t care that Wisden says the Bradbury one is better, it is wrong – these guys know nothing – as is obvious from some of the selections that they made. I would also say that you look a complete t**t wearing a three piece suit and a thigh pad set.
In case any of you were wondering, Baby Viv’s liked them enough not to throw his formula over them - a real bonus - my suit wasn't so lucky!
I can’t believe I have wasted so much of my life on an effing thigh pad, hopefully I will be able to sleep now.


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