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Thigh pads - questions and now answers!

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As a further extension to the above waffle, I have seen these online although not tried them - which may be an interesting budget thigh pad set option, if you want something in between a traditional set and an Aero set...
only comes in right handed though.

Buzz - I admire your enthusiasm for the lowly old thigh pad, a much maligned and over looked piece of kit - keep fighting the good fight - i'll never look at one without thinking some poor sod wrote a whole page about these :D

SS thanks - god knows what on earth I am doing wasting time on this boll*cks!!  ???

My lunatic research into thighpads has continued...!!
RS have just released the below effort (available for about 17) posted from Richard at Quantum cricket. The thigh pad is 40cm high (total top to bottom) and 21cm wide not counting the curve (the radius with the curve will be a bit bigger). These are a new 2011 model just in and very high protection grade. I am not sure how thick they are, I expect around 25mm.

I think they look good - 40 cm is ideal for 5ft8-6ft. I have enquired about a larger size, but these need to be ordered in from India so there is a bit of a wait


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