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Hi all,

The replacement for my orange neon which was too heavy for me has arrived. After discussions with Adam I went with a custom shape. After much deliberation and looking at profile shapes that I had in mind I send some images off to Adam. The shape I wanted was a bit of a Hybrid which I wanted based on the H4L 50/50 and NV bat. I am a big fan of H4L bats so really wanted my Neon to be similar to the shapes that I have been using the last 2/3 years. I asked Adam for it to come in at 2lb 9oz

Here are some Specs:

Grade: Players grade
Length : Short Handle
Weight: 2.9 (with 2nd grip and stickers comes in at 2.10 )
Handle: Oval
Edge size: 40mm
Spine Height: 66/7mm
Spine running into the toe

Here are some photos of the profile:

As you an see if it a bigun. It has a lot of wood where you need it. The pick up is very good and balanced well. The spine is a good height which sadly at its peak doesnt fit through the bat gauge (but i think it will with a bit of sandpaper to it) and the spine running through to the toe.

Here is a nice side shot

There is minumal concaving and a very nice shape to the spine

This is a players grade piece of willow - when I first saw it I will admit I was slightly disappointed to find as much graping as there is on the blade but actually I donít mind it now adds character- also it isnít hard or any different in feel to the rest of the bat. Adam explained that when they chose the cleft it wasnt until they were sanding it down that they appeared - so it wasnt apparent when the cleft was chosen. But as Adam said - the important thing is that the grains are straight and run straight through the toe - which they certainly do. A nice bit of heartwood on the right handers outside edge too.

Overall very pleased with the end result of this Custom bat. Adam was very good throughout the process answering any query I may have had. Time wise it properly took around 3-4 weeks from when I placed the order. But as this was during the busy period for any bat maker this was fine with me.

Neon currently do not do a bat with a spine running in to the toe like this - but Adam hinted this may change after seeing the shape that we all came up with - so watch this space for next seasons @Neon Cricket range!

Many thanks again Adam!

Northern monkey:
Like that shape a lot,,,,and graping brings character to a bat

Are these bats 399?

Or do you get discount with trade in??

Nice bat by the way like the shape

Bats Iíve had with graping in the blade have responded very well off it

Love the profile of the bat with the spine going into the toe.


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