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Back by popular demand!

It is that time of year again where people are dreaming of a generous bundle from Father Christmas, lusting after the new kit, thinking of dusting off their kit for preseason, finding some bits of kit are a looking just fractionally used, so not pristine, therefore must be replaced...

Let's see those pictures.
Match kit, net kit, wet weather kit, I don't care!

I appreciate there have been issues with photobucket. So instead use
or both work well and are free.

I may be tempted to delete lists of kit without pictures...!

Ayrtek Cricket:
Put up a little pic of what I've chosen to use next year yday as it happens. Gone for a new bat as clearly my lack of 100's last year was down to poor willow.

Not as good photographer as @Ayrtek Cricket but this will be the kit for season.
Anthem as main bat with other one as back up.

Ayrtek Cricket:
images arent working for me apart from your 1st one, ive tried to flip it to hotlink for forum to make it bigger but its not working

Good timing - Iíve just sorted the kit in my house out
Itís fair to say Iím not going to need to add too much ahead of 2019

Thereís a thread on Twitter that explains how I spent my Saturday sorting it all out (with better pics)


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